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The boys are joined by Jesse Dollemore, host of "I Doubt it with Dollemore". We dig into the origin story of the man, the beard, the legend that is Dollemore. Where does he come from? What exactly did he do in DC? Buttered or Powdered? The IMPORTANT details. We couldn't have him on without getting into a little politics, of course. Craig delivers a fantastic update to Episode 95: "Clint Holland is a Useless A-Hole" Yes, that useless ass hat is still hanging around.

Go to to check out all of the endeavors of Jesse Dollemore. We're talking podcasts, youtube videos, election guides, and more.


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The closing song is "Numb" by Gary Clark Jr


Episode 95: Clint Holland is a Useless A-Hole:

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The boys open the show on possibly the longest tangent they've ever gone on about sleep.  How do they do it?  Where do they do it?  How long?  How do they wake?  All the important issues that are plaguing society today.  Jeremy offers ideas for the bachelor party that he's planning for Craig.  The popular new segment, "Grow the Fuck Up" makes another appearance.  Finally, the Box Office Showdown nears an end & Jeremy updates Craig on just how far behind he actually is.

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The closing song is "The Dream" by Open Hand, per Craig the "best band no one has ever heard of".  Enjoy.


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Jeremy decides it's time to come out of retirement & join Craig for another episode of everyone's favorite podcast that no one has ever heard!  Craig has some stuff to get off his chest about the IT department before Jeremy gives an update about where he might be living in the next few months.  A fresh batch of #GTFU featuring white people!  So cutting edge...The boys end the show with a rousing conversation about elliptical gas emission etiquette.

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Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

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The closing song is the ever-so controversial "Formation" by Beyoncé.

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Episode 151: Today Craig is joined by Stand By Jeremy who then does his best Jeremy impression.  Things are discusses, laughs are had, time was enjoyed by all. 

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