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Episode 93: Its the 2nd annual Christmas Special with Craig and Jeremy.  The due becomes a trio with friend of the podcast Caleb.  They discuss things, have laughs, exchange gifts and get up all in each others b'ness. 

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Episode 92: Craig discusses a trip to the theater, Jeremy talks about going to a wedding and then they answer listeners questions.

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Episode 91: Craig opens it up with a self inflicted injury and eventually tells some family stories, and Jeremy says something about capezio.

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Episode 90: Jeremy and Craig bring back the funny a bit this week.  Craig bitches about his creek monster co-workers and Jeremy talks about his fairy tale Thanksgiving. 

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Episode 89: Jeremy and Craig talk about Craig Ferguson and the brother in Clarissa Explains it all.

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Episode 88:  Craig continues to complain about his life, Jeremy debuts a new impression, and the Nerd Out Loud weekend is discussed.

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Episode 87: Craig details the events of a crummy week, and Jeremy tries to get to the bottom of why his water bill is so high.

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Episode 86: The duo debates the finer point of the latest elections.

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Episode 85: Craig shares his World Series experience, Jeremy says something about something, and the guys touch on Halloween candy.

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Episode 84: Craig rants about his horrible family and Jeremy gets his creep on.

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Episode 83: Craig pisses down both legs with excitement about the Royals being in the World Series, and Jeremy talks about stuffing Doritos in a Milky Way. 

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Episode 82:  In this episode Craig talks more about Royals stuffs, and Jeremy talks about juicing up his rodents. 

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Episode 81:  Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guest, the one and only Josh Duggan.  We talk about theRoyals, the Mindy Project, the Royals, anal sex, the Royals, ketchup, and the Royals

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Episode 80:  Craig has yet another bad experience with customer service, but Jeremy lightens the move by talking about the joys of family.

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Episode 79: Craig has a scare, and Jeremy talks about the secret language he developed.

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Jeremy and Craig discuss the previous weekend and then Craig gives some insights on his family tree.

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Episode 77:  Craig brings the thunder this episode, and then Jeremy says some things.

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Episode 76:  Jeremy gives Craig some advice on his upcoming weekend, and they finally tell a story that they've teased for a while.

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Episode 75:  Craig briefly geeks out about the Roils, and Jeremy reminisces about singing songs with his mother.

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Episode 74:  Jeremy rambles on and on about God knows what, and Craig lets slip some pretty big news in his life. 

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Episode 73:  Listening to the ramblings of two sleep depraved people where Jeremy talks about his Vacation, and Craig discusses some incredibly inappropriate behavior. 

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Episode 72:  Jeremy talks about the time he got into a gang war, Craig talks about a house call he had. 

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Episode 71:  Craig and Jeremy play a game, and Jeremy talks about the time he used to do radio. 

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Episode 70: Craig talks about his weekend, Jeremy talks about how to air dry a cyst, and other great podcast topix!

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A very special edition of the after hours chit chat between Jeremy and Craig. 

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Jeremy and Craig shoot the shit, talk about stuff and discuss other things, and Jeremy supports Craig on a life event. 

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Episode 68: Craig opens up to Jeremy and reveals some of his inner demons.

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Jeremy and Craig trade stories of first world problems. 

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Episode 66: Jeremy is getting sick and tired of Cleveland, and Craig talks about a dream.

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Episode 65: Jeremy and Craig discuss hand to gland action, call out more terrible parenting in public, and touch on the World Cup.

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Jeremy and Craig share the joys of flying, and talk about other things. 

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Episode 63: Craig and Jeremy give the ins and outs on things like interacting with people you don't know on social media, Airline carry ons, touch on customer service, and close with Jeremy talking about another embarrassing thing for himself.

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Episode 62: Craig and Jeremy have more nipple discussions, talk about how racist and homophobic Jeff Dunham has, Craig tells the pointless story of him making a girl laugh and then not following up, and close it up with talk of a warrior dash slash BBQ slash pool party. 

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Episode 61: Jeremy ties as hard as he can to gross Craig out of this friendship.

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Episode 60: Jeremy and Craig share stories on the horrors of customer service.

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The boys discuss the ins and outs of the Muppets and Neck Tattoos. 

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Episode 58: Jeremy tells the story of the one time he dropped the ball, and Craig says things. 

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Jeremy talks about the privileged life, and Craig tells a story of how oblivious he is.

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Episode 56: March Fatness.  In this episode the boys talk about junk food, a local legends, and Jeremy gloats about his one percenter life.

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Episode 55: Flappy Cheeks.  In this episode Jeremy and Craig discuss Jeremy's show and a purchase made by Craig. 

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Episode 54: They can't all be winners.  Jeremy talks about the finer points of saving boogers, and Craig elaborates on why shouldn't make enemies with someone in the food industry. 

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Episode 53: In this episode Craig discusses the horrors of the Community Health center and the joys of ear infections, and Jeremy talks about how hard it is to change a car battery. 

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Episode 52: You guys are in for a treat, Craig and Jeremy discuss the gambit of topics from masturbation, to marijuana, to masturbation, to facebook privacy, to masturbation to Satan Worship, and to masturbation. 

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Episode 51: Makeshift anniversary episode.  Craig gives insight into the drama that was his life a year ago, and Jeremy somehow hijacks the episode.  Oh and the duo briefly mention that they have been doing this for a little over a year.

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Episode 50: Jeremy tells a near death story, and then he and Craig vent on a facebook D-bag.

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Episode 49: Jeremy and Craig talk about all kinds of stuff, and discuss all kinds of things including getting pulled over for getting gas, and having Valentines day at McDonalds. 

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Episode 49: Jeremy and Craig talk about all kinds of stuff, and discuss all kinds of things including getting pulled over for getting gas, and having Valentines day at McDonalds. 

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Episode 48: Jeremy and Craig have cracked the code, the Russians are terrorizing the Sochi Olympics from within.  They also touch on the topics of Craig's idiot neighbor and the tops of mushrooms. 

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Episode 47: Recorded before the Superb Owl Craig and Jeremy talk about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the Plague, Horrible Drivers, Small Town Plays, we don't talk about String Theory and Jeremy does a spot on Morgan Freeman.

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Episode 46: A previous "All Star" guest in mister Steven Dollar returns and tells yet another celebrity story.

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Episode 45: The power of podcast compels you!  Stories of religion past, and other good stuff too. 

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Episode 44: Jeremy reminisces about a first time and Craig asks what the protocol is with dealing with asshole handicapped people. 

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Episode 43: Caleb is back and he dishes on his family and all the stuff they used to break, Jeremy deals with jealousy issues, and Craig says 8 or 9 words.

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