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Episode 42: Its a special Christmas episode of the podcast, where Craig gets poisoned, Caleb gets an "awesome gift" and Jeremy airs family grievances.

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Episode 41: In this episode Jeremy interrogates Craig, and we learn about fun things about him... like that time he beat up his grandmother. 

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Episode 40: Words are said, topics are discussed, and wrap it up by complaining about Dexter... Again. 

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Jeremy and Craig run the gambit of topics such as Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games, Phising, stories on the TV, and looking like an asshole in the face of a small town Tragedy. 

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Listen to the tom fooleries that take place whilst the duo prep Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Craig and Jeremy talk about WWII skylarkings, adventures in fork lifting, and Christopher Nolan is an overrated hack.

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Craig and Jeremy discuss things like Batkid, spiders, Christmas sweaters, and the brilliance of Rob Ford. 

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Craig and Jeremy are joined by Stan.  We talk about things and play a game.

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In this spectacular episode Jeremy and Craig share stories of being saved, discuss International Airports, and wrestle a bear live on air. 

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Craig and Jeremy discuss the history of the annual Halloween party and we have an impromptu grammar lesson.

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Craig and Jeremy discuss innocent songs that turn out to not be so innocent, touch on some bar stories, and job histories. 

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In this episode Craig and Jeremy discuss the embarrassing musics they used to listen to.  

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In this episode more things are talked about, laughter is shared, and understanding is achieved. 

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Episode description, Craig and Jeremy did things then talked about them. 

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Jeremy discusses how is dad is better than your dad, and we discuss how annoying couples are on social networks. 

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Craig tells a quaint story about how he got bit in the ass by doing a good deed, and Jeremy talks about giving Craig an assignment for this week's episode. 

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In this episode a lot of nothing is discussed, including agnosticism, dating sites, Jeremy reminisces a bit, and Craig discusses the joys of Corporate Olympics. 

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In this episode we get to hear about how fantastic it would be to go on a Henson family vacation, and Jeremy puts something disgusting in his mouth. 

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Accidents, Injuries, and Surgeries... Oh My!

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Skye Spectacular where Nerd Stuffs, Sports Stuffs, and Nonsense Stuffs are discussed. 

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In this episode we get a third party to confirm some of Jeremy's bullshit, and Craig says things. 

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Today we retell an epic story detailing tranny escapades, the horrors of driving in Oklahoma, and random other things!

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Themed episode, where Craig and Jeremy discover the wonders of miracle fruit candy...  Lots and lots of laughs in this one. 

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In this episode Jeremy describes how girly he is, yet still manages to belittle Craig every chance he gets. 

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In this episode which we recorded a while ago, we discuss the finer things about trying to help people and wanting to kill people. 

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In this episode Jeremy talks about his new friend and eventually goes on rant about what a hero is. 

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Have another laugh at the expense of Craig and how hopeless he is when it comes to the ladies, and learn about the intricacies of carb loading.

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The duo discuss minutia such as Arrested Development Memorial Day activities, frozen bananas, Dodge Neons, Weddings, Boxed Wine, yet somehow make a good time of it. 

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In this fantastic episode Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guy from the dark days who likes to take off his shirt.  Laughs are had shame is shared. 

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Boy howdy, do we have an episode for you.  Craig tells a story about getting thrown out of a bowling alley, and Jeremy tells about the first time he got fisted...  Oh and a high stakes game of pull my finger. 

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In this episode Craig and Jeremy converse about babysitting drunk girls, urinating in bottles, tailgating, being crippled, and the Bulls.
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Jeremy tries his best to embarrass Craig, Craig tries his best to stay on topic. Fun was had, jokes were told, punches were thrown.
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Shit gets real in this episode, Jeremy tells a disgusting story and Craig goes on a 45 minute rant, and we do it all in the same room!
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One last episode dualcast from Cleveland where we hear a couple more Bourbon street stories, Jeremy tells an epic story where he laid the verbal smackdown on a rap 'legend' and Im sure some other things too.
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Again we are joined by a guest who tells epic stories about his days as a bartender on burbon street. This is easily one of our 8 best podcast episodes.
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This week Jeremy invites a couple vagabonds off the street that he found on the mean streets of Cleveland to join in the Tom Fooleries.
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Fun times were had, we talk about how easy teachers got it, we discuss puberty, things to do before we die, and Special K as well as other things too!
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The Duo turned threesome has become a FOURSOME! In this episode we discuss elbow grease, staring at radio stations, awful jobs, the Parent Trap. We also briefly touch on the Absinthe party and make fun of Craig for being so hopeless when it comes to girls.

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In today's lovely episode we learn about the lovely town of Chilhowee and its lovely inhabitants. We also broach such topics as grade school punishments and early memories.
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For the sequel to episode 2 we have our very first guest. We discuss things like baby gates, more complaints of ailing bodies, Rookie of the Year, and we rip on the Eagles.

*This episode has been REMEDIOCRED*

For show historians - this episode contains the much referred to "Garbage Mountain" that magically formed outside Jeremy's place in college.

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Today we learn about fun things like training local police in S.W.A.T. maneuvers and the joys of Toxic Shock syndrome. We also talk about some delicious beer. Follow us at @eurekapodcast @aintnoswayze and @anaveragegatsby

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In the roaring debut of the Eureka podcast! Our Heroes Craig and Jeremy introduce you to themselves and go on a rousing conversation about all things Midwest ranging from traveling to concerts, staunch Christians, growing older, Nick Lachey, and making pizza.

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