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This week Jeremy invites a couple vagabonds off the street that he found on the mean streets of Cleveland to join in the Tom Fooleries.
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Fun times were had, we talk about how easy teachers got it, we discuss puberty, things to do before we die, and Special K as well as other things too!
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The Duo turned threesome has become a FOURSOME! In this episode we discuss elbow grease, staring at radio stations, awful jobs, the Parent Trap. We also briefly touch on the Absinthe party and make fun of Craig for being so hopeless when it comes to girls.

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In today's lovely episode we learn about the lovely town of Chilhowee and its lovely inhabitants. We also broach such topics as grade school punishments and early memories.
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For the sequel to episode 2 we have our very first guest. We discuss things like baby gates, more complaints of ailing bodies, Rookie of the Year, and we rip on the Eagles.

*This episode has been REMEDIOCRED*

For show historians - this episode contains the much referred to "Garbage Mountain" that magically formed outside Jeremy's place in college.

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