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Whelp, that's a wrap!  The "Seinfeld of Podcasts" is hanging it up.  We just hope our finale is better than Seinfeld's.  We asked for audio submissions & we got them! Thank you so much for participating in this, our final episode!  We really mean it when we say this has been the ride of our lives.  We touch on some major touchstones throughout the show & discuss where we started vs where we've landed.  Thank you guys so much for stopping by this little show & treating us much better than we ever deserved.  You call hold a special place in our collective heart.

Take care, guys.  We love ya.


Here's a link to the "Called the Narcissistic Shot" we discussed with the folks at Nerd Out Loud:


And here's a link to the pic that Jeremy sent Craig while recording.  You know you want to click it:

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The boys make a special announcement.  Take a listen & call in with your thoughts. 


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