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Craig & Jeremy team up in Skypeland to bring you another gem.  Jeremy is in an odd mood & warns from the get go that there's no telling where this episode is going to go.  He was right...and horribly wrong at the same time.  Craig went to an odd Antique Mall and has much to share about his experience.  A rare bit is proposed by Jeremy's wife and promptly discarded to make fun of said bit.  Finally, Jeremy wants to play matchmaker and will probably regret bringing it up on the podcast that DOZENS of people are guilted into listening to.  NO POLITICS THIS TIME!


@aintnoswayze - Jeremy

@anaveragegatsby - Craig

@eurekapodcast - Some crappy podcast


Closing Song is "Beware of the Boys" by Panjabi featuring Jay-Z as discussed on the the show.

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The boys went to a movie...not together, but they saw the same one and have much to discuss before launcing into a rousing game of Celebrity Net Worth Challenge.  Craig scoops Jeremy on some Kindergarten Cop 2 casting news.  Jeremy accuses another podcast of maybe, possibly, kind of, ripping off a story from a previous EP.  Parsons, KS is ripping off their citizens & you get to hear all about it.  Craig's back is killing him and he swears it's not gas.  Jeremy is dubious of this.  The closing song is "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube, which was briefly mentioned in today's program.  In case you were wondering. 

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The boys discuss a few TV shows & movies to open things up this week. They hit a seamless transition into politics & a discussion of how much they distrust Hillary Clinton.  Jeremy hinds at possibly going over to the dark side if the Democrats can't get their shit together.  Craig has a busy week of sportsketballery planned and has his eyes on a Cuban food truck. Jeremy tries to shoe horn himself onto a local radio station.  Once again, very little Trump Talk - we're the only show on the interwebs that can make that claim.

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Jeremy gets on Craig's nerves with stories of Vegas, Bottle Service, Skrillex and declaring the difference between Michael Jackson & Bill Cosby.  Craig brings the house down with an eerie voicemail that he received late one night.  Little to no Trump talk this time.  Promise.

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