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Jeremy & Craig gather today in Skypeland to discuss the most pressing issues of the day:  Selfies vs Sharks (Selfnado?), The Muppets, Wu Tang Clan, Slam Magazine, arachnophobia, assisting a little old lady with her new smart phone and gas. Stick around after the closing song for a little Celebrity Net Worth & their review of Dumb & Dumber To.  Always topical, these guys.

The closing song is "Vatican Rag" by Tom Lehrer recorded in 1967.


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Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

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Welcome back!  We're glad you could join us.  Did you know that Terrence Howard is a moron?  Well, we have one example of how much of a moron he actually is.  Jeremy is worried that his parents have figured out how to listen to the show, so it was nice entertaining you for a while.  He's going into hiding now.  Craig's been hacked and it only took him 2 months to figure it out! Unfortunately, we couldn't hold it in any longer & got some Trump talk out of the way. 


Jeremy is @aintnoswayze

Craig is @anaveragegatsby

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And we're BACK!  Craig & Jeremy meet on the ol' Skype machine to discuss the incredible weekend they had together attending the Rennaissance Festival, Drag Queen Bingo, and the most underground club in the KC Area - "Marsupilami's" or something.  Jeremy NAILS 10 Questions.  Craig ruins Angelina Jolie for the rest of your life.  And together they disect a racist term that really needed no explanation.  But, hey, why not?



Jeremy - @aintnoswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby (or @aintnojeremy)

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Jeremy & Craig (heretofore known as "The Boys") get together for another Skypetoberfest of fun.  They discuss the vitues of bank rolling a loved one, failing at home improvement, sweating through shirts, and so much more!  Join the boys, won't you?  We had to shoehorn "The Boys" in one more time because of that great joke at the beginning.  It never stops!



Jeremy - @aintonswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby

The Show - @eurekapodcast


If you or someone you know (preferably you) would like to design some new show art, please contact Jeremy or Craig on the twitter machine to discuss.


- The Boys

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