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This episode we cover all sorts of hot topix ranging from Kevin Costner to Canadian holidays.  

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The boys make a special announcement.  Take a listen & call in with your thoughts. 


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It's a very special Eureka Podcast as we are joined by Brian Flanagan of Liar City, the podcast about lies for liars.  We get right into it discussing some of our favorite episodes including the now famous Michael Jackson show in which Brian breaks down the lies behind MJ's demise.  Naturally, this brings the conversation to Bill Cosby and Jeremy somehow comes to his defense.  Brian & Jeremy discuss some of their own favorite lies and Craig proves himself to be the anomaly he is by revealing he doesn't really fib. All this and much, MUCH more in the latest installment of Eureka Podcast!


Make sure to check Liar City out.  The latest episode is about the fall of Fatty Arbuckle after the scandal that rocked Hollywood in the 1920's.  

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The closing song is "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers - because we're a couple of hacks & that song was mentioned during the show.

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In this episode of the Eureka Podcast Craig and Jeremy recap their Christmas and talk about other things too... Oh and Craig has a special request for Jeremy.

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Welcome back!  We're glad you could join us.  Did you know that Terrence Howard is a moron?  Well, we have one example of how much of a moron he actually is.  Jeremy is worried that his parents have figured out how to listen to the show, so it was nice entertaining you for a while.  He's going into hiding now.  Craig's been hacked and it only took him 2 months to figure it out! Unfortunately, we couldn't hold it in any longer & got some Trump talk out of the way. 


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Episode 124: Craig and Jeremy clown on one of Craig's coworkers and again clown on Trump.

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Episode 123: Jeremy has a new nemesis and Craig has a new hair cut experience.

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Episode 120: Jeremy and Craig talk about the gays and the racists.

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Episode 117: Craig talks about a co-worker who annoys him to no end, and Jeremy is banished to the hellish wasteland that is Cleveland. 

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Episode 116: CRAIG IS BACK!  He talks about his trip to Chicago and Jeremy talks about wanting to disembowel is garbage man. 

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Episode 114: Jeremy talks about his trip to Orange Beach and Craig talks about big city life.

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Episode 113: Craig talks about a toddler stealing a booze cherry and Jeremy complains about ungrateful family. 

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Episode 106: Craig and Jeremy discuss things, talk about stuff, and shoot the shit. 

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Episode 105: Craig wants to kick a paraplegic over, and Jeremy has the sniffles. 

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Episode 104: Craig continues to find things to bitch about his job, and Jeremy shares the joys of casting a play. 

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Episode 103: Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guest, the one and only laxdude.  He dishes on his impressive life story and shares all things Canadian.

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Episode 102: Craig talks the company he works for and all of their infinite wisdom, Jeremy talks about how bass ackwards the State of Kansas is, and together they talk about their upcoming weekend.

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Episode 101: Craig saw 50 Shades of Grey and lived to tell about it.  Jeremy chronicles his Valentines weekend. 

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Episode 95: Craig goes off on the useless asshole that runs a car dealership, Jeremy critiques himself on an old episode and the due kind of talks about a possible guest. 

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Episode 94: Jeremy and Craig discuss what went down over the hol.idays a bit, Craig tells another family story.  They make fun of stupid people, and talk about the hanky code 

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Episode 92: Craig discusses a trip to the theater, Jeremy talks about going to a wedding and then they answer listeners questions.

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Episode 87: Craig details the events of a crummy week, and Jeremy tries to get to the bottom of why his water bill is so high.

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Episode 83: Craig pisses down both legs with excitement about the Royals being in the World Series, and Jeremy talks about stuffing Doritos in a Milky Way. 

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Episode 82:  In this episode Craig talks more about Royals stuffs, and Jeremy talks about juicing up his rodents. 

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Episode 81:  Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guest, the one and only Josh Duggan.  We talk about theRoyals, the Mindy Project, the Royals, anal sex, the Royals, ketchup, and the Royals

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Episode 79: Craig has a scare, and Jeremy talks about the secret language he developed.

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Jeremy and Craig discuss the previous weekend and then Craig gives some insights on his family tree.

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Episode 77:  Craig brings the thunder this episode, and then Jeremy says some things.

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Episode 75:  Craig briefly geeks out about the Roils, and Jeremy reminisces about singing songs with his mother.

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Episode 74:  Jeremy rambles on and on about God knows what, and Craig lets slip some pretty big news in his life. 

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Episode 73:  Listening to the ramblings of two sleep depraved people where Jeremy talks about his Vacation, and Craig discusses some incredibly inappropriate behavior. 

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Episode 72:  Jeremy talks about the time he got into a gang war, Craig talks about a house call he had. 

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Episode 71:  Craig and Jeremy play a game, and Jeremy talks about the time he used to do radio. 

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Episode 70: Craig talks about his weekend, Jeremy talks about how to air dry a cyst, and other great podcast topix!

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A very special edition of the after hours chit chat between Jeremy and Craig. 

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Jeremy and Craig shoot the shit, talk about stuff and discuss other things, and Jeremy supports Craig on a life event. 

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In the roaring debut of the Eureka podcast! Our Heroes Craig and Jeremy introduce you to themselves and go on a rousing conversation about all things Midwest ranging from traveling to concerts, staunch Christians, growing older, Nick Lachey, and making pizza.

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