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In this episode of the Eureka Podcast Craig and Jeremy recap their Christmas and talk about other things too... Oh and Craig has a special request for Jeremy.

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Its the 17th annual Eureka Podcast gift exchange episode.  And this year we have the friendly folks from the Nerd Out Loud podcast in on the fun.  Gifts are exchanged, laughs are had, drinks are drank, and dreams are crushed. 

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This week Craig & Jeremy discuss the most important matter of them all: nipple piercings.  Jeremy is disgusted by a friend's conspiracy theory surrounding Sandy Hook.  Craig regales everyone with a pleasant story about a South Coffeyville funeral.  You'll be able to feel the love oozing through your headphones.  Craig is gaining on Jeremy in the #BoxOfficeShowdown, but Jeremy's #1 pick is coming out this weekend, so that will pretty much shut everything down.  Barring a threat from N Korea, anyway.

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Closing song:

"Star Wars Medley" performed by Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of Star Wars on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

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The boys agree to meet in the magical land of Skypanopolis for another incredible episode.  They discuss the magic that is Fargo Season 2, Life in Pieces, and Friday Night Lights.  Also discussed:  the inverse greatness of Lost.  Seriously, fuck that show.  Craig informs us that his uncle has died & reveals the hilarious way in which it happened.  Hint:  Cancer if finally funny.  Jeremy just couldn't go an episode without bringing up Donald Trump, but this time it happens at the expense of a beloved Facebook friend.  Finally, Jeremy introduces an impression that is sure never to be duplicated.  Strap in, everyone.  It's an EP for the ages!


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Ending song:  "Story of My Life" by Social Distortion


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The fellas meet in the magical land of Skype an regale each other with Thanksgiving cheer...for the most part.  Craig's mother meets the lady friend's family for the first time and M'Gary skips out on Jeremy for the big meal.  Craig has a FANTASTIC story to share from one of his relatives that wanted to contribute to the show and it is worth every second of your time.  Finally, Craig thoroughly confuses Jeremy with a logic game/quiz/question that to this moment baffles him. The name of this stupid party trick is the "Monty Hall Problem".  Look it up & be angry, too.

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The song at the end has no real relevance to the show, but Scott Weiland died while this was being edited so it felt like a fitting ending to the show.  It is called "Vasoline" by Stone Temple Pilots.  A band that for many provided the soundtrack to their youth.  Safe home, Scott.


The Monty Hall Problem

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We had some issues regarding audio this week that took a few extra days to get resolved.  Thanks for waiting patiently everyone!


The boys meet at the Skype Cafe to chat about the goings on in their lives.   Craig has a bad back & Jeremy has all sorts of bad advice to offer.  Numbers for the Box Office Showdown are revealed, so Craig is very confident that he'll be cutting Jeremy's lead in half this weekend.  Jeremy has breaking news re John Edwards that you all will find very timely. 

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Closing song:  "The New Workout Plan" by Kanye West

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Craig & Jeremy meet again in Skype...wait a minute!  They're in the same room for the first time since April!  The boys quickly realize that recording via Skype has it's advantages.  Mainly, they don't distract each other like a couple of school kids in the back of class.  Craig divulges some pertinent information regarding his life over the last few weeks.  They then move into what might be considered Craig's worst day on record!  Jeremy has fun piling on and generally distracting Craig to make him work at it a little harder. This one's Craig-centric, but like most Craig-centric shows - it's hilarious! 

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The song at the end is Eagles of Death Metal's "Save a Prayer".  Remember to go to iTunes to download it as proceeds are going to help the efforts in Paris.


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The boys take another stroll down Skype lane together. This week they discuss what's been going on in their lives - they figured they'd change the format a tad.  Craig meets a Salty Jew.  Jeremy went to Friendsgiving.  The wife makes a cameo & confirms once & for all she doesn't take this seriously AT ALL.  Finally, the boys do the draft for their highly regarded (and brand new) Box Office Throwdown!

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Point of Order:  Jeremy is dead wrong about Trumbo being an early awards season favorite. Reviews are coming in & they're god awful. 


Also - Jeremy made an appearance on Nerd Out Loud this week & things get weird.

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Craig & Jeremy meet in Skypanapolis to discuss this week's happenings.  Craig pretty much just brought everything Royals to the show.  Jeremy (as usual) had plenty to bitch about.  Including, but not limited to:  Neighbors dragging down his property value, stray dogs, Trump, and...well, there's just too much to list here.  Plus, this editor forgot to write it all down.  ENJOY!

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Ending song is called "Habit On My Mind" by Saltwater Sun

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Well, well, well - Craig & Jeremy meet up again in ye olde Sypesylvania to discuss the events of the last few weeks.  Craig went to DC & had a hell of a time watching the Royals clinch a World Series berth and deftly avoids a skirmish with his lady friend.  Jeremy goes home to visit his parents & can't wait to tell you all about that.  Oh, and Craig has some news to end the podcast.  No big deal.

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The boys meet up in Sykpeland for another very special episode. They discuss what dreams mean, Saturday Night Live, how to shove a hernia back to where you can safely pretend it was ever a problem, Celebrity Net Worth, and SO MUCH MORE! 


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Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

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The final song is "Slave to the Rhythm" by Michael Jackson because Jeremy was inspired by this week's Liar City episode which pretty much exonerates MJ of any wrong doing.  Seriously, check it out.

The final clip will be revealed in due time.  Patience, my sweets. Patience.

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They boys meet in that magical place called Skypelandia to discuss the events of the last week or so.  Craig is going to even more post season KC Royals games this season and has the bags under his eyes to prove it. Jeremy went to a fancy pants benefit that had the audacity to have a cash bar.  A CASH BAR!  Jeremy considers blowing up the theatre, discusses a specific porn star from the 80's, admits his crush on Joey from "Facts of Life" & generally just reveals his depravity.   Point of order - there is no evidence found on the google machine that Coffeyville High School lost it's accreditation, but that just lends to the theory that it's all a big conspiracy. A FUCKING CASH BAR?!


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The closing song is "Never Ending Circles" by Chvrches

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It's yet ANOTHER Sykpe-tastic collaboration between the internet's favorite sons:  Craig & Jeremy!  It's like they've never even been in the same room with each other.  This week the boys discuss a wide ranging mix of Rodeo Clowning, Papa John's Delivery Boys (good buy Papa John's endorsement...), meeting a listener, and the best way to beat up your nephew.  Irish Spring in a sock or orange in a sock?  You be the judge. A long time parody account has been unmasked and a new listener is live tweeting our old episodes.  Follow her now to relive the excitement!  She's @madamewoolite on teh twitter mashine.

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New Listener: see above - I'm not in the habit of repeating myself.

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Craig & Jeremy meet up in the magic land of Skype to discuss all the pressing news of the week such as: arguing with mother, backgammon, banking problems, Freaky Friday, and so much more!  We tackle the important issues that Big Podcast doesn't have the balls to touch.  Everything is going along just fine until Jeremy becomes redundant & the boys decide to argue over the meaning of the word "same".  You know, THAT old gag.



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Editor's note: The song at the end is "Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr - The band referenced in the show by Jeremy.

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Jeremy & Craig gather today in Skypeland to discuss the most pressing issues of the day:  Selfies vs Sharks (Selfnado?), The Muppets, Wu Tang Clan, Slam Magazine, arachnophobia, assisting a little old lady with her new smart phone and gas. Stick around after the closing song for a little Celebrity Net Worth & their review of Dumb & Dumber To.  Always topical, these guys.

The closing song is "Vatican Rag" by Tom Lehrer recorded in 1967.


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Welcome back!  We're glad you could join us.  Did you know that Terrence Howard is a moron?  Well, we have one example of how much of a moron he actually is.  Jeremy is worried that his parents have figured out how to listen to the show, so it was nice entertaining you for a while.  He's going into hiding now.  Craig's been hacked and it only took him 2 months to figure it out! Unfortunately, we couldn't hold it in any longer & got some Trump talk out of the way. 


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And we're BACK!  Craig & Jeremy meet on the ol' Skype machine to discuss the incredible weekend they had together attending the Rennaissance Festival, Drag Queen Bingo, and the most underground club in the KC Area - "Marsupilami's" or something.  Jeremy NAILS 10 Questions.  Craig ruins Angelina Jolie for the rest of your life.  And together they disect a racist term that really needed no explanation.  But, hey, why not?



Jeremy - @aintnoswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby (or @aintnojeremy)

Eureka Podcast Show: @eurekapodcast

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Jeremy & Craig (heretofore known as "The Boys") get together for another Skypetoberfest of fun.  They discuss the vitues of bank rolling a loved one, failing at home improvement, sweating through shirts, and so much more!  Join the boys, won't you?  We had to shoehorn "The Boys" in one more time because of that great joke at the beginning.  It never stops!



Jeremy - @aintonswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby

The Show - @eurekapodcast


If you or someone you know (preferably you) would like to design some new show art, please contact Jeremy or Craig on the twitter machine to discuss.


- The Boys

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Craig & Jeremy team up in Skypeland to bring you another gem.  Jeremy is in an odd mood & warns from the get go that there's no telling where this episode is going to go.  He was right...and horribly wrong at the same time.  Craig went to an odd Antique Mall and has much to share about his experience.  A rare bit is proposed by Jeremy's wife and promptly discarded to make fun of said bit.  Finally, Jeremy wants to play matchmaker and will probably regret bringing it up on the podcast that DOZENS of people are guilted into listening to.  NO POLITICS THIS TIME!


@aintnoswayze - Jeremy

@anaveragegatsby - Craig

@eurekapodcast - Some crappy podcast


Closing Song is "Beware of the Boys" by Panjabi featuring Jay-Z as discussed on the the show.

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The boys went to a movie...not together, but they saw the same one and have much to discuss before launcing into a rousing game of Celebrity Net Worth Challenge.  Craig scoops Jeremy on some Kindergarten Cop 2 casting news.  Jeremy accuses another podcast of maybe, possibly, kind of, ripping off a story from a previous EP.  Parsons, KS is ripping off their citizens & you get to hear all about it.  Craig's back is killing him and he swears it's not gas.  Jeremy is dubious of this.  The closing song is "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube, which was briefly mentioned in today's program.  In case you were wondering. 

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The boys discuss a few TV shows & movies to open things up this week. They hit a seamless transition into politics & a discussion of how much they distrust Hillary Clinton.  Jeremy hinds at possibly going over to the dark side if the Democrats can't get their shit together.  Craig has a busy week of sportsketballery planned and has his eyes on a Cuban food truck. Jeremy tries to shoe horn himself onto a local radio station.  Once again, very little Trump Talk - we're the only show on the interwebs that can make that claim.

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Jeremy gets on Craig's nerves with stories of Vegas, Bottle Service, Skrillex and declaring the difference between Michael Jackson & Bill Cosby.  Craig brings the house down with an eerie voicemail that he received late one night.  Little to no Trump talk this time.  Promise.

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Episode 124: Craig and Jeremy clown on one of Craig's coworkers and again clown on Trump.

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Episode 123: Jeremy has a new nemesis and Craig has a new hair cut experience.

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The boys are back after spending a weekend drinking with each other.  They discuss hangovers, ComicCon, birth control methods & all sorts of other tangents this writer can't remember.

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Episode 121: Jeremy and Craig talk about absolutely nothing and spend a considerable amount of time doing so.

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Episode 120: Jeremy and Craig talk about the gays and the racists.

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Episode 119: Jeremy is annoyed by rude walkers and Craig is nearly killed by a car of teenage girls.

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Episode 118: Craig talks about baseball and Adema, Jeremy talks about box office numbers and the joys of Best Buy customer service.

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Episode 117: Craig talks about a co-worker who annoys him to no end, and Jeremy is banished to the hellish wasteland that is Cleveland. 

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Episode 116: CRAIG IS BACK!  He talks about his trip to Chicago and Jeremy talks about wanting to disembowel is garbage man. 

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Episode 115:  Jeremy talks with Warren P. Sonoda about Trailer Park Boys and other Canadian stuff, Craig listened. 

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Episode 114: Jeremy talks about his trip to Orange Beach and Craig talks about big city life.

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Episode 113: Craig talks about a toddler stealing a booze cherry and Jeremy complains about ungrateful family. 

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Episode 112: In this very special episode Craig and Jeremy are joined by the one and only Andrew WK.  They talk about all things party!

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Episode 111:  Craig is still trying to find a place to live and Jeremy is still ready to be done with his play. 

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Episode 110: Craig is getting situated to his new surroundings and Jeremy is having a theater crisis.

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Episode 109: Craig and Jeremy kick it old school on a school night for one last hurrah in the 'burg.

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Craig has a big announcement, but don't let that fool you because he still had a shitty week. Jeremy gets a kick out of Craig's pain and pretty much hangs on for the ride. 

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Episode 107: The boys are joined by a second Jeremy, the Jeremy of Nerd Out Loud.  Jeremy and Jeremy talk about Jesus and ignore Craig. 

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Episode 106: Craig and Jeremy discuss things, talk about stuff, and shoot the shit. 

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Episode 105: Craig wants to kick a paraplegic over, and Jeremy has the sniffles. 

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Episode 104: Craig continues to find things to bitch about his job, and Jeremy shares the joys of casting a play. 

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Episode 103: Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guest, the one and only laxdude.  He dishes on his impressive life story and shares all things Canadian.

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Episode 102: Craig talks the company he works for and all of their infinite wisdom, Jeremy talks about how bass ackwards the State of Kansas is, and together they talk about their upcoming weekend.

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Episode 101: Craig saw 50 Shades of Grey and lived to tell about it.  Jeremy chronicles his Valentines weekend. 

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Episode 100: Craig and Jeremy discuss the virtues of swearing, the art of biting your nails, classic movies they'll never see and much too much to list here.  100 episodes have never tasted so good.

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Episode 99: In this episode Craig talks about the irony of a bill collector owing him money, Jeremy is relieved about his fund raiser, and the guys discuss Rasslin.


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Episode 98: In this episode Craig counts to 41, and Jeremy describes the worst haircut of his life.

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Episode 97: In this episode Jeremy said something about his wife that Craig had to delete, and then they talk about stuffs. 

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Episode 96: In this episode Jeremy talks about his hectic schedule, Craig takes Chipotle down a peg, they both praise the merits of Parks and Recreation and play some more Celebrity Net Worth game at the end.

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Episode 95: Craig goes off on the useless asshole that runs a car dealership, Jeremy critiques himself on an old episode and the due kind of talks about a possible guest. 

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Episode 94: Jeremy and Craig discuss what went down over the hol.idays a bit, Craig tells another family story.  They make fun of stupid people, and talk about the hanky code 

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