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Well, well, well - Craig & Jeremy meet up again in ye olde Sypesylvania to discuss the events of the last few weeks.  Craig went to DC & had a hell of a time watching the Royals clinch a World Series berth and deftly avoids a skirmish with his lady friend.  Jeremy goes home to visit his parents & can't wait to tell you all about that.  Oh, and Craig has some news to end the podcast.  No big deal.

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The boys meet up in Sykpeland for another very special episode. They discuss what dreams mean, Saturday Night Live, how to shove a hernia back to where you can safely pretend it was ever a problem, Celebrity Net Worth, and SO MUCH MORE! 


Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

Show:  @eurekapodcast

The final song is "Slave to the Rhythm" by Michael Jackson because Jeremy was inspired by this week's Liar City episode which pretty much exonerates MJ of any wrong doing.  Seriously, check it out.

The final clip will be revealed in due time.  Patience, my sweets. Patience.

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They boys meet in that magical place called Skypelandia to discuss the events of the last week or so.  Craig is going to even more post season KC Royals games this season and has the bags under his eyes to prove it. Jeremy went to a fancy pants benefit that had the audacity to have a cash bar.  A CASH BAR!  Jeremy considers blowing up the theatre, discusses a specific porn star from the 80's, admits his crush on Joey from "Facts of Life" & generally just reveals his depravity.   Point of order - there is no evidence found on the google machine that Coffeyville High School lost it's accreditation, but that just lends to the theory that it's all a big conspiracy. A FUCKING CASH BAR?!


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The closing song is "Never Ending Circles" by Chvrches

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It's yet ANOTHER Sykpe-tastic collaboration between the internet's favorite sons:  Craig & Jeremy!  It's like they've never even been in the same room with each other.  This week the boys discuss a wide ranging mix of Rodeo Clowning, Papa John's Delivery Boys (good buy Papa John's endorsement...), meeting a listener, and the best way to beat up your nephew.  Irish Spring in a sock or orange in a sock?  You be the judge. A long time parody account has been unmasked and a new listener is live tweeting our old episodes.  Follow her now to relive the excitement!  She's @madamewoolite on teh twitter mashine.

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New Listener: see above - I'm not in the habit of repeating myself.

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Craig & Jeremy meet up in the magic land of Skype to discuss all the pressing news of the week such as: arguing with mother, backgammon, banking problems, Freaky Friday, and so much more!  We tackle the important issues that Big Podcast doesn't have the balls to touch.  Everything is going along just fine until Jeremy becomes redundant & the boys decide to argue over the meaning of the word "same".  You know, THAT old gag.



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Editor's note: The song at the end is "Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr - The band referenced in the show by Jeremy.

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