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The boys dust off the ol' podcasting equipment to bring you a very special episode.  Jeremy has a new toy which he immediately over uses to Craig's delight.

A new segment is introduced as well:  Just the TIP - or Truth in Podcasting, however you like.  

For those of you wondering what the boys have been up to the last 6 months (or since the last episode, however you want to say it) the boys give a quick update in what's been going on in their personal lives.

ANOTHER new segment is introduced:  Care/Don't Care - in which the boys cover pop culture moments & reveal whether they care or don't care.  It's really pretty simple.

As mentioned in the show:

Rogue One Trailer 2:

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Phone number for listener feedback: (620) 270-1378



Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

Show:  @eurekapodcast


Closing song:  "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel



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