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The fellas meet in the magical land of Skype an regale each other with Thanksgiving cheer...for the most part.  Craig's mother meets the lady friend's family for the first time and M'Gary skips out on Jeremy for the big meal.  Craig has a FANTASTIC story to share from one of his relatives that wanted to contribute to the show and it is worth every second of your time.  Finally, Craig thoroughly confuses Jeremy with a logic game/quiz/question that to this moment baffles him. The name of this stupid party trick is the "Monty Hall Problem".  Look it up & be angry, too.

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The song at the end has no real relevance to the show, but Scott Weiland died while this was being edited so it felt like a fitting ending to the show.  It is called "Vasoline" by Stone Temple Pilots.  A band that for many provided the soundtrack to their youth.  Safe home, Scott.


The Monty Hall Problem

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