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Episode 55: Flappy Cheeks.  In this episode Jeremy and Craig discuss Jeremy's show and a purchase made by Craig. 

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Episode 54: They can't all be winners.  Jeremy talks about the finer points of saving boogers, and Craig elaborates on why shouldn't make enemies with someone in the food industry. 

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Episode 53: In this episode Craig discusses the horrors of the Community Health center and the joys of ear infections, and Jeremy talks about how hard it is to change a car battery. 

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Episode 52: You guys are in for a treat, Craig and Jeremy discuss the gambit of topics from masturbation, to marijuana, to masturbation, to facebook privacy, to masturbation to Satan Worship, and to masturbation. 

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Episode 51: Makeshift anniversary episode.  Craig gives insight into the drama that was his life a year ago, and Jeremy somehow hijacks the episode.  Oh and the duo briefly mention that they have been doing this for a little over a year.

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