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Craig & Jeremy meet up in the magic land of Skype to discuss all the pressing news of the week such as: arguing with mother, backgammon, banking problems, Freaky Friday, and so much more!  We tackle the important issues that Big Podcast doesn't have the balls to touch.  Everything is going along just fine until Jeremy becomes redundant & the boys decide to argue over the meaning of the word "same".  You know, THAT old gag.



Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

Jeremy:  @aintnoswaye

EP:  @eurekapodcast


Editor's note: The song at the end is "Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr - The band referenced in the show by Jeremy.

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Jeremy & Craig gather today in Skypeland to discuss the most pressing issues of the day:  Selfies vs Sharks (Selfnado?), The Muppets, Wu Tang Clan, Slam Magazine, arachnophobia, assisting a little old lady with her new smart phone and gas. Stick around after the closing song for a little Celebrity Net Worth & their review of Dumb & Dumber To.  Always topical, these guys.

The closing song is "Vatican Rag" by Tom Lehrer recorded in 1967.


Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

Show: @eurekapodcast




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And we're BACK!  Craig & Jeremy meet on the ol' Skype machine to discuss the incredible weekend they had together attending the Rennaissance Festival, Drag Queen Bingo, and the most underground club in the KC Area - "Marsupilami's" or something.  Jeremy NAILS 10 Questions.  Craig ruins Angelina Jolie for the rest of your life.  And together they disect a racist term that really needed no explanation.  But, hey, why not?



Jeremy - @aintnoswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby (or @aintnojeremy)

Eureka Podcast Show: @eurekapodcast

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Jeremy & Craig (heretofore known as "The Boys") get together for another Skypetoberfest of fun.  They discuss the vitues of bank rolling a loved one, failing at home improvement, sweating through shirts, and so much more!  Join the boys, won't you?  We had to shoehorn "The Boys" in one more time because of that great joke at the beginning.  It never stops!



Jeremy - @aintonswayze

Craig - @anaveragegatsby

The Show - @eurekapodcast


If you or someone you know (preferably you) would like to design some new show art, please contact Jeremy or Craig on the twitter machine to discuss.


- The Boys

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Craig & Jeremy team up in Skypeland to bring you another gem.  Jeremy is in an odd mood & warns from the get go that there's no telling where this episode is going to go.  He was right...and horribly wrong at the same time.  Craig went to an odd Antique Mall and has much to share about his experience.  A rare bit is proposed by Jeremy's wife and promptly discarded to make fun of said bit.  Finally, Jeremy wants to play matchmaker and will probably regret bringing it up on the podcast that DOZENS of people are guilted into listening to.  NO POLITICS THIS TIME!


@aintnoswayze - Jeremy

@anaveragegatsby - Craig

@eurekapodcast - Some crappy podcast


Closing Song is "Beware of the Boys" by Panjabi featuring Jay-Z as discussed on the the show.

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The boys went to a movie...not together, but they saw the same one and have much to discuss before launcing into a rousing game of Celebrity Net Worth Challenge.  Craig scoops Jeremy on some Kindergarten Cop 2 casting news.  Jeremy accuses another podcast of maybe, possibly, kind of, ripping off a story from a previous EP.  Parsons, KS is ripping off their citizens & you get to hear all about it.  Craig's back is killing him and he swears it's not gas.  Jeremy is dubious of this.  The closing song is "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube, which was briefly mentioned in today's program.  In case you were wondering. 

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The boys discuss a few TV shows & movies to open things up this week. They hit a seamless transition into politics & a discussion of how much they distrust Hillary Clinton.  Jeremy hinds at possibly going over to the dark side if the Democrats can't get their shit together.  Craig has a busy week of sportsketballery planned and has his eyes on a Cuban food truck. Jeremy tries to shoe horn himself onto a local radio station.  Once again, very little Trump Talk - we're the only show on the interwebs that can make that claim.

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Jeremy gets on Craig's nerves with stories of Vegas, Bottle Service, Skrillex and declaring the difference between Michael Jackson & Bill Cosby.  Craig brings the house down with an eerie voicemail that he received late one night.  Little to no Trump talk this time.  Promise.

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The boys are back after spending a weekend drinking with each other.  They discuss hangovers, ComicCon, birth control methods & all sorts of other tangents this writer can't remember.

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Episode 121: Jeremy and Craig talk about absolutely nothing and spend a considerable amount of time doing so.

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Episode 119: Jeremy is annoyed by rude walkers and Craig is nearly killed by a car of teenage girls.

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Episode 118: Craig talks about baseball and Adema, Jeremy talks about box office numbers and the joys of Best Buy customer service.

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Episode 115:  Jeremy talks with Warren P. Sonoda about Trailer Park Boys and other Canadian stuff, Craig listened. 

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Episode 112: In this very special episode Craig and Jeremy are joined by the one and only Andrew WK.  They talk about all things party!

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Episode 111:  Craig is still trying to find a place to live and Jeremy is still ready to be done with his play. 

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Episode 110: Craig is getting situated to his new surroundings and Jeremy is having a theater crisis.

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Episode 109: Craig and Jeremy kick it old school on a school night for one last hurrah in the 'burg.

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Craig has a big announcement, but don't let that fool you because he still had a shitty week. Jeremy gets a kick out of Craig's pain and pretty much hangs on for the ride. 

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Episode 107: The boys are joined by a second Jeremy, the Jeremy of Nerd Out Loud.  Jeremy and Jeremy talk about Jesus and ignore Craig. 

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Episode 100: Craig and Jeremy discuss the virtues of swearing, the art of biting your nails, classic movies they'll never see and much too much to list here.  100 episodes have never tasted so good.

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Episode 99: In this episode Craig talks about the irony of a bill collector owing him money, Jeremy is relieved about his fund raiser, and the guys discuss Rasslin.


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Episode 98: In this episode Craig counts to 41, and Jeremy describes the worst haircut of his life.

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Episode 97: In this episode Jeremy said something about his wife that Craig had to delete, and then they talk about stuffs. 

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Episode 96: In this episode Jeremy talks about his hectic schedule, Craig takes Chipotle down a peg, they both praise the merits of Parks and Recreation and play some more Celebrity Net Worth game at the end.

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Episode 93: Its the 2nd annual Christmas Special with Craig and Jeremy.  The due becomes a trio with friend of the podcast Caleb.  They discuss things, have laughs, exchange gifts and get up all in each others b'ness. 

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Episode 91: Craig opens it up with a self inflicted injury and eventually tells some family stories, and Jeremy says something about capezio.

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Episode 90: Jeremy and Craig bring back the funny a bit this week.  Craig bitches about his creek monster co-workers and Jeremy talks about his fairy tale Thanksgiving. 

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Episode 89: Jeremy and Craig talk about Craig Ferguson and the brother in Clarissa Explains it all.

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Episode 88:  Craig continues to complain about his life, Jeremy debuts a new impression, and the Nerd Out Loud weekend is discussed.

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Episode 86: The duo debates the finer point of the latest elections.

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Episode 85: Craig shares his World Series experience, Jeremy says something about something, and the guys touch on Halloween candy.

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Episode 84: Craig rants about his horrible family and Jeremy gets his creep on.

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Episode 80:  Craig has yet another bad experience with customer service, but Jeremy lightens the move by talking about the joys of family.

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Episode 76:  Jeremy gives Craig some advice on his upcoming weekend, and they finally tell a story that they've teased for a while.

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Episode 68: Craig opens up to Jeremy and reveals some of his inner demons.

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Jeremy and Craig trade stories of first world problems. 

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Episode 66: Jeremy is getting sick and tired of Cleveland, and Craig talks about a dream.

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Episode 65: Jeremy and Craig discuss hand to gland action, call out more terrible parenting in public, and touch on the World Cup.

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Jeremy and Craig share the joys of flying, and talk about other things. 

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Episode 63: Craig and Jeremy give the ins and outs on things like interacting with people you don't know on social media, Airline carry ons, touch on customer service, and close with Jeremy talking about another embarrassing thing for himself.

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Episode 62: Craig and Jeremy have more nipple discussions, talk about how racist and homophobic Jeff Dunham has, Craig tells the pointless story of him making a girl laugh and then not following up, and close it up with talk of a warrior dash slash BBQ slash pool party. 

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Episode 61: Jeremy ties as hard as he can to gross Craig out of this friendship.

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Episode 60: Jeremy and Craig share stories on the horrors of customer service.

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The boys discuss the ins and outs of the Muppets and Neck Tattoos. 

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Episode 58: Jeremy tells the story of the one time he dropped the ball, and Craig says things. 

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Jeremy talks about the privileged life, and Craig tells a story of how oblivious he is.

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Episode 56: March Fatness.  In this episode the boys talk about junk food, a local legends, and Jeremy gloats about his one percenter life.

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Episode 55: Flappy Cheeks.  In this episode Jeremy and Craig discuss Jeremy's show and a purchase made by Craig. 

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Episode 54: They can't all be winners.  Jeremy talks about the finer points of saving boogers, and Craig elaborates on why shouldn't make enemies with someone in the food industry. 

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Episode 53: In this episode Craig discusses the horrors of the Community Health center and the joys of ear infections, and Jeremy talks about how hard it is to change a car battery. 

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Episode 52: You guys are in for a treat, Craig and Jeremy discuss the gambit of topics from masturbation, to marijuana, to masturbation, to facebook privacy, to masturbation to Satan Worship, and to masturbation. 

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Episode 51: Makeshift anniversary episode.  Craig gives insight into the drama that was his life a year ago, and Jeremy somehow hijacks the episode.  Oh and the duo briefly mention that they have been doing this for a little over a year.

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Episode 50: Jeremy tells a near death story, and then he and Craig vent on a facebook D-bag.

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Episode 49: Jeremy and Craig talk about all kinds of stuff, and discuss all kinds of things including getting pulled over for getting gas, and having Valentines day at McDonalds. 

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Episode 49: Jeremy and Craig talk about all kinds of stuff, and discuss all kinds of things including getting pulled over for getting gas, and having Valentines day at McDonalds. 

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Episode 48: Jeremy and Craig have cracked the code, the Russians are terrorizing the Sochi Olympics from within.  They also touch on the topics of Craig's idiot neighbor and the tops of mushrooms. 

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Episode 47: Recorded before the Superb Owl Craig and Jeremy talk about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the Plague, Horrible Drivers, Small Town Plays, we don't talk about String Theory and Jeremy does a spot on Morgan Freeman.

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Episode 46: A previous "All Star" guest in mister Steven Dollar returns and tells yet another celebrity story.

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Episode 45: The power of podcast compels you!  Stories of religion past, and other good stuff too. 

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Episode 44: Jeremy reminisces about a first time and Craig asks what the protocol is with dealing with asshole handicapped people. 

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Episode 43: Caleb is back and he dishes on his family and all the stuff they used to break, Jeremy deals with jealousy issues, and Craig says 8 or 9 words.

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Episode 42: Its a special Christmas episode of the podcast, where Craig gets poisoned, Caleb gets an "awesome gift" and Jeremy airs family grievances.

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Episode 41: In this episode Jeremy interrogates Craig, and we learn about fun things about him... like that time he beat up his grandmother. 

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Episode 40: Words are said, topics are discussed, and wrap it up by complaining about Dexter... Again. 

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Jeremy and Craig run the gambit of topics such as Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games, Phising, stories on the TV, and looking like an asshole in the face of a small town Tragedy. 

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Listen to the tom fooleries that take place whilst the duo prep Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Craig and Jeremy talk about WWII skylarkings, adventures in fork lifting, and Christopher Nolan is an overrated hack.

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Craig and Jeremy discuss things like Batkid, spiders, Christmas sweaters, and the brilliance of Rob Ford. 

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Craig and Jeremy are joined by Stan.  We talk about things and play a game.

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In this spectacular episode Jeremy and Craig share stories of being saved, discuss International Airports, and wrestle a bear live on air. 

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Craig and Jeremy discuss the history of the annual Halloween party and we have an impromptu grammar lesson.

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Craig and Jeremy discuss innocent songs that turn out to not be so innocent, touch on some bar stories, and job histories. 

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In this episode Craig and Jeremy discuss the embarrassing musics they used to listen to.  

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In this episode more things are talked about, laughter is shared, and understanding is achieved. 

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Episode description, Craig and Jeremy did things then talked about them. 

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Jeremy discusses how is dad is better than your dad, and we discuss how annoying couples are on social networks. 

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Craig tells a quaint story about how he got bit in the ass by doing a good deed, and Jeremy talks about giving Craig an assignment for this week's episode. 

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In this episode a lot of nothing is discussed, including agnosticism, dating sites, Jeremy reminisces a bit, and Craig discusses the joys of Corporate Olympics. 

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In this episode we get to hear about how fantastic it would be to go on a Henson family vacation, and Jeremy puts something disgusting in his mouth. 

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Accidents, Injuries, and Surgeries... Oh My!

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Skye Spectacular where Nerd Stuffs, Sports Stuffs, and Nonsense Stuffs are discussed. 

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In this episode we get a third party to confirm some of Jeremy's bullshit, and Craig says things. 

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Today we retell an epic story detailing tranny escapades, the horrors of driving in Oklahoma, and random other things!

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Themed episode, where Craig and Jeremy discover the wonders of miracle fruit candy...  Lots and lots of laughs in this one. 

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In this episode Jeremy describes how girly he is, yet still manages to belittle Craig every chance he gets. 

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In this episode which we recorded a while ago, we discuss the finer things about trying to help people and wanting to kill people. 

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In this episode Jeremy talks about his new friend and eventually goes on rant about what a hero is. 

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Have another laugh at the expense of Craig and how hopeless he is when it comes to the ladies, and learn about the intricacies of carb loading.

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The duo discuss minutia such as Arrested Development Memorial Day activities, frozen bananas, Dodge Neons, Weddings, Boxed Wine, yet somehow make a good time of it. 

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In this fantastic episode Craig and Jeremy are joined by a guy from the dark days who likes to take off his shirt.  Laughs are had shame is shared. 

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Boy howdy, do we have an episode for you.  Craig tells a story about getting thrown out of a bowling alley, and Jeremy tells about the first time he got fisted...  Oh and a high stakes game of pull my finger. 

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For the sequel to episode 2 we have our very first guest. We discuss things like baby gates, more complaints of ailing bodies, Rookie of the Year, and we rip on the Eagles.

*This episode has been REMEDIOCRED*

For show historians - this episode contains the much referred to "Garbage Mountain" that magically formed outside Jeremy's place in college.

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Today we learn about fun things like training local police in S.W.A.T. maneuvers and the joys of Toxic Shock syndrome. We also talk about some delicious beer. Follow us at @eurekapodcast @aintnoswayze and @anaveragegatsby

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