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Episode 202:  This Machine Kills Fascists

It wasn't mentioned during the show, but this marks the 4th year of EP!  Yes, there was a 6 month or so hiatus, but 4 years ago the boys started recording at Craig's mother's house with a shitty mic & shittier topix. 

Nothing crazy about this episode.  The boys met on Skype to discuss a bit of everything ranging from Lady Gaga to the fact that Craig still has not received the damn gift he ordered for Christmas.  Throw in some Facebook questions at the end & you've got Episode 202!  Enjoy!

As discussed at the top of the show - Craig appeared on Earbuds & Earworms recently.  You can check it out here.  Look for the episode titled "Rise Against the Machine".

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The closing song is Lady Gaga's "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé.

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