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The boys are joined by long time intern Christy Wise of Nerd Out Loud & Little Red Bandwagon fame.  In what is becoming a tradition the boys dig deep into the origins of this podcasting legend.  From her humble beginnings in Omaha, NE with no furniture to her brief stint living in a duvet cover, no stone is left unturnt.  If you've listened to any of her shows & wondered aloud, "I wonder if she ever spent any extended time in Detroit courting a celibate boy," well we have the answer.  She did. 


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Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

Show:  @eurekapodcast

Christy:  @kissieeyes



Listen to any or all of Christy's podcasts here or here.  But certainly not here.


The closing song is "Repeater" by Fugazi, which is Craig & Christy's spirit post-hardcore animal.


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