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Craig & Jeremy meet again in Skype...wait a minute!  They're in the same room for the first time since April!  The boys quickly realize that recording via Skype has it's advantages.  Mainly, they don't distract each other like a couple of school kids in the back of class.  Craig divulges some pertinent information regarding his life over the last few weeks.  They then move into what might be considered Craig's worst day on record!  Jeremy has fun piling on and generally distracting Craig to make him work at it a little harder. This one's Craig-centric, but like most Craig-centric shows - it's hilarious! 

We now have a voicemail line!  Call & tell us anything.  ANYTHING.  You might end up on the show!  620-270-1378


Craig:  @anaveragegatsby

Jeremy:  @aintnoswayze

Show: @eurekapodcast


The song at the end is Eagles of Death Metal's "Save a Prayer".  Remember to go to iTunes to download it as proceeds are going to help the efforts in Paris.


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