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It's a very special Eureka Podcast as we are joined by Brian Flanagan of Liar City, the podcast about lies for liars.  We get right into it discussing some of our favorite episodes including the now famous Michael Jackson show in which Brian breaks down the lies behind MJ's demise.  Naturally, this brings the conversation to Bill Cosby and Jeremy somehow comes to his defense.  Brian & Jeremy discuss some of their own favorite lies and Craig proves himself to be the anomaly he is by revealing he doesn't really fib. All this and much, MUCH more in the latest installment of Eureka Podcast!


Make sure to check Liar City out.  The latest episode is about the fall of Fatty Arbuckle after the scandal that rocked Hollywood in the 1920's.  

Follow Brian on Twitter @clapyrhands & the show @liarcitypodcast.  Check out their Facebook page as well:


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The closing song is "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers - because we're a couple of hacks & that song was mentioned during the show.

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